Provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes with a Powertrain Limited Warranty for Life after a short waiting period. This program provides your customers with coverage that helps close the sale while creating the opportunity to offer a more comprehensive plan.

Peace of mind your customers can count on for as long as they own the vehicle

Powertrain Limited Warranty for Life Coverage Overview



Rise Above Your Competition

• Differentiate your dealership from your competitors

• Increase sales, customer satisfaction and retention

• The major components of your customer’s vehicle are protected for as long as that customer

  owns the vehicle after the waiting period


• Deductible options: $100, $200 and $500

• Marketing materials to promote the program

• Most Domestic and Asian makes and models are eligible

• Administered by Protective, an industry leader that has been serving dealers for over 50 years

• Dealer participation programs are available – increasing your profit-growing opportunities even more

Rental Car Reimbursement

Current +10 model years with up to 100,000 odometer miles.

Coverage is subject to limits and exclusions. This includes a waiting period that causes your customer to have no protection under this warranty against a mechanical breakdown that occurs between the time the customer purchased the vehicle until 90 days has passed and the customer has driven it 3,000 miles. See limited warranty and rate chart for details. The Powertrain Limited Warranty for Life is backed by Lyndon Property Insurance Company in all states except New York. In New York Powertrain Limited Warranty for Life is backed by Western General Insurance Company.


For More Information

Email: [email protected]     Phone: 888 288 2130

Drive Axle




90 days and 3,000 miles from the warranty

issue date.